Behavior that violates the pupil rule of conduct includes, it is not restricted to:

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Behavior that violates the pupil rule of conduct includes, it is not restricted to:

  1. Possession or usage of alcohol beneath the drinking age that is legal
  2. Purchase, distribution or manufacture of liquor;
  3. Possession of alcohol that surpasses amount restrictions. For pupils who will be of appropriate age, the amount limitation per pupil is: 15 beers OR 1.5 liters of wine OR 1 pint of hard liquor (no more than 80 evidence rather than stimulant-enhanced), not to meet or exceed 60 beers OR 3.0 liters of wine OR 1 liter (2 pints) of difficult liquor, no matter what the range occupants. Empty containers would be counted to the volume limitations. Possession of kegs or any other alcohol that is large products (in other words., trash cans, alcohol balls) are forbidden;
  4. Presence at a gathering with underage consuming or that surpasses volume restrictions;
  5. Possession or usage of drinking paraphernalia typically used or connected with extortionate ingesting (such as for instance ingesting funnels, alcohol bongs, alcohol pong tables, or taps);
  6. Procedure of an automobile, bike or other motorized as a type of transport intoxicated by liquor;
  7. Punishment (needing medical help, fainting, vomiting, lack of memory or hospitalization) or high-risk ingesting tasks, such as for instance consuming large volumes of liquor, consuming liquor at an accelerated speed (chugging), usage of alcohol with medicine or any other controlled substances, involvement (current or active) in consuming games, and/or any task that promotes irresponsible drinking;
  8. Usage of alcohol containers, signage or packaging for design;
  9. Possession or usage of alcohol, irrespective of age, outside authorized residence hallway spaces or perhaps in alcohol-free areas on campus including, although not restricted to, designated residence halls (for example., Southern Campus: Maple, Cedar, Willow, Stonewall, Baypoint) and buildings that are academic previous approval and following University procedures for serving liquor; and
  10. Violations of other University liquor policies or federal, state, and neighborhood legislation pertaining to alcohol.

Pupils hosting social gatherings

Any social gathering or party, which attracts awareness of it self in a bad way within University Housing, will never be allowed.

Events may be identified by University officials predicated on many different facets including yet not limited by:

  • Quantity of visitors. The University guideline is: maximum number of individuals permitted in a space equals the amount of residents x5, not to surpass 25.
  • Extortionate levels of liquor and/or liquor containers that are empty.
  • Games that promote the consumption that is rapid of (such as for instance alcohol pong) are prohibited.
  • Disturbing the comfort, sound, and/or individuals instantly outside of the room/apartment.
  • Uncooperative residents and/or visitors.

Each pupil whom lives in off-campus housing is anticipated to work as a accountable resident of the community that is local. Sponsoring and/or going to a celebration which can be troublesome to your community or where laws and regulations are broken ( ag e.g., serving minors, attempting to sell of alcohol without having a license, etc. ) can matter the student to University conduct action.

Stimulant-Enhanced Beverage Policy

Roger Williams University prohibits the possession and/or usage of stimulant-enhanced alcohol consumption, including yet not limited by the brands Four Loko and Joose. And also this includes items that combine beer or malt alcohol with caffeine, guarana, taurine or any other similar substances present in energy beverages, and beverages which have increased alcohol portion by amount, as they beverages pose a severe wellness danger to your pupils as well as the community.

Alcohol consumption in conjunction with energy beverages happens to be seen as dangerous, because of the inherent risk in blending liquor, a depressant, with stimulants such as for instance caffeine, ginseng, guarana, as well as other ingredients. This combination can lead to an occurrence called “wide awake drunk, ” where intoxicated individuals erroneously conclude they could perform possibly dangerous functions.

This ban is consistent with RWU policy that forbids liquor products which raise the price of drinking such as for instance grain liquor and handles of difficult alcohol. In addition, violations of the ban might have increased sanctions just like violations of policies involving difficult liquor amount and typical supply.

Pupil Conduct Code – Drug Laws

Behavior that violate the drug policy includes, it is not restricted to:

  • Possession of medication paraphernalia (such as for example bongs, scales, pipelines, etc. )
  • The actual or meant purchase, use or possession of illegal drugs, narcotics, managed substances or prescription medications with no prescription
  • The actual or intended purchase, circulation, cultivation or make of illegal medications, narcotics, managed substances or prescribed drugs
  • Presence at a gathering with unlawful drugs, managed substances or medication usage
  • Procedure of an auto beneath the impact or reduced
  • Violations of other University medication policies or federal, state, and neighborhood regulations pertaining to illegal medications and managed substances

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